"True worship, acceptable to the Father, is that we care for orphans and widows in their distress...." James 1:27
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Our Story - Beginnings
Written by Sharon Clack (Founder/President of the LoVE Organization)

About a week before my daughter and I embarked on a trip to South Africa to visit family 
and friends in 2004, it became apparent that God was directing me to “Call the Carpenters”, people last seen many years before. The call to Steve Carpenter and subsequent events culminated in a relationship with Lily of the Valley, a little AIDS Orphanage in KwaZulu, South Africa. Immediately evident, was the quality of this incredible place, administered with great integrity, and the vision was born that it might well serve as a model for responding to the AIDS crisis. Certainly we saw it as a way for Americans to become involved and know that every penny of every dollar would reach its 
specified destination.  

Within one week of that initial phone call, in response to the need highlighted by the Carpenters who 
live and work in KwaZulu, the very heart of the AIDS pandemic, $10,000 was raised. That was the very beginning and a confirmation that we were on the right track! To date, through just a small group of people, one and a half million dollars has gone to the Lily endeavor. With God’s help and the exchange rate, this has been multiplied beyond our wildest imagination. Because of the importance of community involvement, we became a 501c3 company (dba LoVE or Lily of the Valley Endeavor). Lily of the Valley is run on solid Christian principles, but widely supported by Jewish Foundations and others who support the incredible work being done. There is a need for all of us from every walk of life, to work together in the fight against this devastating pandemic to save the next generation!

In 2005 the first mission trip of thirty five Californians went to Lily. Hundreds have gone since, both long and short term. One family moved across to live in this desperately poor area for 15 months and others have gone as missionaries or on vision and educational trips.......read more